HTB1Xt1NGXXXXXXQXVXXq6xXFXXXrWe have served the converting needs of Paper Mills and Distributors, Printers and publishers, and Folding carton and Corrugated box makers in California since 1990. Our California warehouse and converting facility, located in the heart of the Los Angeles basin, with over 55,000 square feet of warehousing, is equipped with:

3 Slitters/Rewinders – Cameron 107 inches, and Cameron 74 inches, Cameron 72 inches
2 Sheeters – Maxson 60 inches, Maxson 93 inches
2 Guillotines – Seybold 72 inches and Citation – 42 inches

We have offered on-site custom paper converting services to the local trade since 1990. The service offered by Springfield domestic distribution handles smaller customer deliveries and provides a stocking service on behalf of suppliers.

Our equipment consists of 2 Sheeters, 3 Slitter/Rewinders, and a 2 Guillotine Trimmers to handle all grades of Paper and Paperboard. We can custom prepare orders with minimal lead time, and 100% accuracy.

Our Slitter/Rewinder can slit and rewind rolls up to 107 inches wide, with diameters up to 72 inches, and can handle roll weights up to 10,000 lbs. each. We can rewind rolls to ribbons of ¾ (0.75) inches in width.

Our main Sheeter has the capacity to handle rolls up to 57 inches wide, with sheet lengths to 60 inches and roll diameters up to 84 inches. We can slit and trim on line, and guarantee the sheets to be de-curled (flat), square, dust-free, and static-free. Learn more

Our other Sheeter can handle rolls up to 74 inches wide with sheet lengths to 93 inches, and our Guillotine/Trimmer can handle sheet sizes up to 72 inches in either dimension.

Our sheeting capacity is about 80 Tons per day on both our Sheeters, and our rewinding capacity is about 50 Tons per day on our 3 Rewinders. The exact capacity will depend on the thickness and the size of the paper being converted.